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I'm a yiffer, he's a yiffer, she's a yiffer; wouldn't you like to be a yiffer too?!

Every furry likes to yiff. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Anyone guys in London?  topic
yiff rave?  topic
Just 'splain it all to me  topic
Wanting yiff  topic
URGENT!! DIscovery Channel Documentary Needs You!  topic
any furries in the Huntsville AL area.  topic
Further confusion 2010  topic
So, I was wondering about partying?  topic
Anyone want to yiff on monday around noonish?  topic
hey yall  topic
Furry events for Burning Man 2008?  topic
furry convention in San Jose this weekend (Jan ...  topic
Any artists in here?  topic
Ho!!! ya....  topic
punny stuff  topic
Frolicon:  topic
Dogs in the patch  topic
Warm fuzzy feeling  topic
Good morning.  topic
yiffanutter.jpg  photo flag
Enough cake?  topic
pumpkinpoop.jpg  photo flag
oooo i'm so yiffy  topic
hey *waves paw*  topic
wanna yiff?  topic

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